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Temă/Design task  & Regulament/ Regulation

Layout RO and En –» Here

Tema C|A|S|A 2018 –» Aici

Design Task C|A|S|A 2018 –» Here

Regulament C|A|S|A 2018 –» Aici

Regulation C|A|S|A 2018 –» Here

Ridicare topografica – DWG. –» Aici

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Programul pentru acest weekend

23 Februarie

13:00-16:00  –»  Tur ghidat al Iasiului

16:00-18:00  –»  Prezentare arh. Șerban Sturdza, Aula “Gheorghe Asachi” Copou

24 Februarie

11:00 – 14:00  –»  Prezentarea temei, Casa de Cultura  a Studentilor

14:30 –» Vizită sit, Strada Păcurari nr. 31-31A

22:00 –» Party CASA, Bulevardul Chimiei, 8

Se anunţă vreme bună vineri, vă aşteptăm!



Design Task C|A|S|A 2018–» HERE

In the regulation you have information about the deadline and premiere –» HERE



Once, we thought  how provocative architecture contests can be and yet,  how little time we have for anything else other than school. Still, how awesome it would be to have a contest based on a workshop project, common  for more colleges, maybe even all of those around the country.

It seemed to be an impossible dream, but in July 2009 a group of students met, representing the 6 students’ organizations of the 6 architecture colleges in Romania and they decided to try to convince their teachers to accept this challenge.

The idea was too good in order to fail, so here we are now, at the 8rd edition of  a project that we come to enjoy more and more: The Annual Competition for Architecture Students (“Concursul Anual al Studenţilor Arhitecţi”)

For you, the second-year architecture students.