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Urban living in neighborlyness

Residential Immobile, Manejului Street, Sibiu



The studied lot is placed in the south-eastern perimeter of Sibiu’s historic center, at the intersection of Manejului and Barbierilor streets, fast close to the 3rd row or fortification walls of the city ( XIV- XVI centuries). The lot of 144 sq.meters is partially occupied by low value constructions. These constructions are not considered to be important in the contest’s subject, so the proposal is that of deconstructing them.

The most meaningful urban land marks close to the plot are: Haller Bastion ( XVIth century), the Ursulinelor Church and Monastery( XV- XVIIth century), the Franciscan Church (XV- XVIII century), Tineretului Park with the theater and the summer cinematograph, the tower of the electrical transformator (sec. XX).

Urban  Reglementations

The general urbanistic plan of Sibiu 2009 enframes the plot in the Protected Constructed Area of the Historic Center. By the afferent Local Regulations of Urbanism, settling the urbanistic reglementations for new construction sites in the Protected Constructed Area of the Historic Center will be the subject of a Zonal Urbanistic Plan in the Protected Constructed Area.

The usage of the site proposed by the contest is within the functional profile admitted by GUP and LRU, that of living + auxiliary activities.

In this exercise, the conditions of occupying the plot (backing from the plot’s limits, high regime, hight, OTP and UTC) will be set by the project, with the help of criteria like: neighborliness, living quality, rational using of the plot. The proposal of an underground level is permitted.

The electric transformator tower is given by the subject and it will not be deconstructed. The functional conversion of the tower is allowed, by the means of its adaptation to the area activities and of the new projected object, interventions are also allowed with the condition of keeping the original volumetry of the tower.

The cadastral limitations of the studied plot will be respected, but some partial backing from these limits are allowed. The bow-windows, terraces and balconies’ projections will not go beyond 1m outside the limit, and they will keep, in the façade, a minimum distance of 2 meters away from the proximate façades of the same side of the street.

The interventions on the public domain will be limited at temporary and reversible extensions of the ground floor of either the house or tower.



On the corner plot, generate a building that has between 1 and 3 independent housing units which use the available surface as efficient as possible, according to its context. Occupying the floor plan with a little commercial space is optional, as well as using the transformator’s tower for other functions. Having the floor plan occupied with other functions besides the one of living, its space will be related to one of the living units in order to allow the free practice of a proffesion/public alimentation unit by its owner.

The possible functions proposed for the existing tower will exclusively serve the public space (coffee shop, business, info point, mini museal/expositional space, belvedere platform etc.).

Access and parking spaces

The solutions of accessing the living units will be solved by hall+ common staircase or distinct access points. In the case of a single housing unit, a parking space will be provided. In case of 2 or 3 housing units, 2 parking spaces.


The methods of graphic representation are the choice of the author( by hand, CAD, collage, mixed techniques). However,  the representation will be framed in a single 100×70 cm format, vertically positioned (portrait).
Mandatory :

–          Master plan, 1:500 scale

–          Ground Floor, 1:100 scale, with the representation of the public space and the proximity context

–          Every Level Plan, 1:100 scale, limited to the surface of the plot;


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